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Rare Offering Magickal Baby Gold Unicorns of Wealth and Happiness!



My coven and I are extremely pleased to offer you your choice between a male or female baby Gold Unicorn. These are among the sweetest and most magickal of entities you will ever have the pleasure to meet! This is a rare and limited offering!


Each one has already performed promising magick. You will not be disappointed by their magick or by their wonderful personality! Each is active, loving, communitive and adoring!


A Gold Unicorn brings personal gain to their keeper without bringing greed or bad karma. They will enhance life and make each day feel new and fresh...They bring prosperity, abundance, success and great luck...


You will be blessed with power, beauty, uniqueness, protection, love, wealth, and happiness.


He or she will constantly be at work to see you smile. Your happiness is also their happiness. Your success is also theirs and they only relax when you are relaxed.


This race also can help with some emotional and minor healing magick. They can ease things like headaches and everyday aches and pains.


With a Gold Unicorn in your life you will be able to live in peace while being blessed with money, happiness and love.


You will receive your baby’s name if named and info on how they communicate and manifest. Protection Status