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Male Divine Dragon - Powerful Hybrid with an Arsenal of Magick - Gives Keeper The Power Of Suggestion!

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Today you are offered Male Divine Dragon. This Dragon is a hybrid of a black and gold dragon and has the best qualities of each of its parents!

In his true form he manifests as a muscular dragon with a black body. He has gold points on his face, and along his wings. He can manifest as moving shadows, mists, and yellow orbs.

He is fearless, loyal, and generous. He offers perfect devoted as well as perfect magick.

The Divine Dragon offerings the following blessings...

They can bless their keeper with the power of suggestion...In time people will start to listen and do what you suggest. They are the most powerful and influential of the Dragon race.

If you ever feel that you need more protection your new dragon will offer it. Your new dragon will guard you day and night...They will never want to leave yourside. Waking up and seeing a sign of them next to you is common...They do guard you will you sleep and will stand by your bed. They will protect you and all you love with all they have. Your dragon will keep you safe from evil or harm at any cost.

They are fierce guardians of their friends and will protect those they love at any cost. For their generosity and good-will they are often accompanied by loyal guards who can be any mixture of animal in their region.

They are the most powerful in terms of magick as they are the most majestic. They have arsenals of spells that usually expand in the thousands and they can conjure anything they wish.

With your new dragon comes great responsibility. This race of hybrid has been known to cause very bag karma to those who have hurt their keeper. They will not relent until they have paid for what they have done or apologize to you.

He communicates best through emotions, pendulum, telepathy, dreams and visions. 

His current vessel is a bead.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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