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Rare King and Queen Cu Sith - Allow You To Command Their Court!

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Today we offer a very special pairing for an excellent price...Today we off a King and Queen Cu Sith from our personal collection. 

The Cu Sith is a rare race of Fae that is similar to a dog in appearance and behavior. The difference between a Cu Sith and a dog in appearance is that that possess a long horse-like tail.

In true form the king manifest as a large black dog with amber eyes.

The Queen manifest as a black dog with a white face and chest.

Both are large, beautiful and will commonly manifest as twin shadows and orbs.

Together the rule over a court of over 800. Each member of their court will obey their every command and will work hard ensuring their leaders and keeper (you) are happy.

About the race...

The Cu Sith is a must have spirit for any lover of Fae! They possess a positive energy that serves to attract a wide array of white art Fae to their keepers. If allowed to bring Fae into your life, he/she will only call upon those that are pure and good! They can either allow any well-meaning Fae into your life or call upon those whose magick is needed! They cannot help you bind these Fae but will help them work their magick in your favor! 

The Cu Sith is also a gifted guardian. They warn their keeper of any impending danger and when possible will act to stop the danger before it begins! They will often fix problems before they have a chance to hinder you. You will thankfully never know how many issues they have prevented.

They can even read those around you and reveal their true nature to you. Soon you will know who you should trust and who you should be leery of! Your intuition will blossom!


Other things that the Cu Sith brings to their keeper includes but is not limited to uplift in mood, happiness, attraction of friends, protection and more.

They can repeal bad luck and bring in good luck. Good luck with winning, love and money can soon be in your future.

If you have any questions please email me at

They can communicate by telepathy, visions, during meditation, a pendulum, dreams, and emotions.

Their vessel is a lovely ring with a stunning face...When the sun hits it it looks like mystic topaz. It's a size 6 1/2 and in excellent condition. This ring may only be 925 plated so I advise to not get it wet.

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