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Greek God Wealth Daemon Portal - Portal To All Wealth and Personal Gain Entities!

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Today we offer a powerful portal of wealth and personal again. This is ideal for a busy who seeks several entities but doesn't have time to bond with all of them.

The guardian is an extremely powerful God Greek Daemon who possesses impressive wealth, success, and luxury magick.

This is an exceptional offering...

In true form he is very handsome, stands 6'2" tall, has a lean build, thick black hair, fair skin, and large dark brown eyes. He will manifest as brilliant orbs that vary in color, shadows, and even words.

While wealth is his main ability he can also bring about pleasure, love, sex, and attract lovers or a soul mate. 

His job with the portal is commanding the entities as needed...He command them according to your happiness. He will oversee the portal and ensure the best entity or spirit for your requests come through. 

This is a safe and very well guarded portal. You can start using it the same day you get it and blessings will soon follow.

Only helpful entities may come to aid you...No evil nor harmful entities can come through this. 

The keeper if this portal will soon have the all an array of magickal blessings. You will be blessed by the all safe wealth and protection entities...Khodams, Wealth Devatas, Leprechauns, Gaki, Spriggans, Hags, Wraiths, Djinn, and even Fae...Everything from angels to hellhounds will be awaiting your desire. 

Please note this is not a binding portal...The entities are free and will remain so. Please do not try to bind them and sell or give away one to friends. This will not work and is a sign of disrespect. 

You may find you bond with certain entities and find yourself with many new magickal companions. 

I will also send you instructions on how to use this. It's simple to use and offers daily blessings if left open!

If you have any questions please email me.

The portal was opened a stunning silver colored ring with a faceted black face...It's a size 7 1/2 and in excellent condition. 

Thank you for looking!

Please note the portal entities are not to be bound, gifted, or sold. Our portals are for your personal blessings! Protection Status