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Queen Manawyddan Fae Fairy Portal To All Races Of White Fae - Wealth and Lotto Luck

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Today we are pleased to offer one of our newer portals..This is the perfect offering for any lover of Fae.

Offered today is a portal to helpful, powerful and active Fae...

The Guardian is a Queen Manawyddan Fae...Bonding with her is optional but suggested. This race of Fae is excellent at bringing wealth to her keeper. She can enhance good luck, repeal bad luck and make you a financial success. In true form she is a Fae with blonde hair, brown eyes and lightly tanned skin. You may see pink colored streaks of lights, cool spots and smell an array of floral scents.

The entities that can come through this portal will repay you and them some! You can start using it the same day you get it and blessings are soon to follow.

Only helpful entities may come to aid you...No evil nor harmful entities can come through this. 

The keeper if this portal will soon have the following races blessing and protecting them White Art Fae

You may find you bond with certain entities and find yourself with many new magickal companions. Any current Fae you have can be given the chance to visit their loved ones. This truly is a remarkable piece that will complete any keeper's family.

I will also send you instructions on how to use this.

If you have any questions please email me at

This is a stock photo the tree you get may vary...It's about 6" high, has a heavy stone base and the wire tree has stunning small rose chips.

Thank you for looking! Protection Status