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Psy Vampire Essence Spell - Possess Mind Powers, Sex Powers, Thought Control! - Stunning Rose Quartz


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Today we are very excited to offer the Psy Vampire Essence Spell! Essence spells are ideal for people who desire all the magick of the Psy Vampire but either do not want to keep one or don't have time to bond with one. With Essence spells you get all the positive magick and abilities of the Psy without the need to bond or take care of the entity. Essence spells are a blujay magick original! 

Have you ever wanted to be beautiful, to be adore, to be love, desired and envied? If so we have cast the perfect essence spell for you!

What this Essence Spell can bring you is...


Sexual Allure

The ability to read minds.

Mind Control by the power of suggestion

Psychic Abilities

Cause Psychic Attacks on enemies

Regain youth

Builds Confidence

Become more sexually attractive

Help you find lovers

Helps you become an amazing lover

and can make you more sexually appealing to others.

This spell can also help you develop or enhance telepathic abilities.

The amulet is a stunning and nicely made rose quartz that is encased in a golden tone rose...As a gift I will include a free recharging chain. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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