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Princess Petschke Dragon - 385 Years, Commands Court, Brings Big Blessings and Very Active!


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Today you are offered a wonderful and friendly dragon. She is a young Princess Petschke Dragon who is 385 years old...Young does not mean weak or unable. She is perfectly able to rule her court and preform all her duties...Young does mean high levels of energy and a lot of fun.

These dragons are one of the smallest races, she is about 1 inch in length and is a lovely blue color. She looks like a softly glowing blue butterfly...She is a beautiful delicate dragon with a heart of gold.

About this race...

The Petschke Dragon specializes in bringing all good things into their keeper's life. They only allow things that will help their keeper and drive away negative forces.

Some of the numerous positive blessings that she will bring to you include:

Attraction of new friends

Forming of happy relationships

Easing of tempers

Removing stress factors

Attracting wealth

Summoning opportunity

Uplifted mood

Increased confidence

Positive Change


Good luck and more!

She is also a talented healer. She can repair nearly any type of emotional or spiritual damage. She can mend your broken heart and make you whole again!

If you have a damaged or dirty aura she will work to repair it and will provide a thorough cleansing. She is truly a blessing to have for anyone who experiences a bad day.

You can rely on her to drive away all bad luck, deflect curses, remove negativity and instill a positive balance of peace. She works hard to ensure her keeper's happiness.

She can communicate by emotions, dreams, emotions, visions, and by pendulum.

This dragon is fit for any level of keeper from beginner to advanced, she would even be a good match for an older child or any adult who seeks positive change!

Her current vessel is a pretty beaded bracelet.

Thank you for looking!