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Prince Jetu Fae - Dark Art Spell Casting Fae - Excellent Wealth and Success Magick

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Today we are excited to offer an Prince Jetu Fae...He commands over 300 Fae that can aid him in his magickal workings for your personal use! 

He can call upon any number of his court to form a powerful coven to cast nearly any spell you need.

In true form he has shoulder length pale blonde hair, big green eyes, lightly tanned skin, and all looks to be in his early 30s.He will manifest most often as  softly shimmering mists, white orbs, or smell or floral or herbal scents.

About this race...The Jetu Fae is a true magickal force.

Once a bond is sealed he can cast spells for your personal use. His magickal blessings have very little limits and he is very determined to bring you success. 

If you cast your own spells and seek extra magick to boost them I suggest placing his vessel on your alter! He will happily help you cast spells for yourself and your blood ties. 

He also have a protective side and will patrol your home nightly to see all is safe. He and his court will face and fight any type of evil that comes near you.

His best means of communication are by emotions, visions, telepathy, during meditation, and a pendulum.

His current vessel is a stunning silver colored ring with a bluish stone. It's a size 8 and in excellent condition.

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