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Princess Purple Dragon - 14,999 Years Old - Royal Dragon Of Success, Protection From People, and Much More!

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Today we offer a truly amazing, hardworking, and magickally skilled Princess Purple Dragon. She commands a court of over 300 Dragons...This is a living court and grows with births.

She is offered at a record low cost! 

In true form she is a large shimmering purple dragon with large lavender eyes and dark purple coloring on her face, legs, wings, and tail, She will most often manifest wisps of lights and light colored orbs.

If you want to get ahead, have success and life happiness she is perfect for you. She and her court can help you leave the average life behind and help you become apart of the elite.

If people are mean to you, emotionally abuse or bully you she can halt it and she can deal swift justice. There is nothing, no one or anything that she cannot handle...She can banish all levels of evil quickly and it will never return. She can also remove any age or level of curse.

She will remove stress and gift you with ease of life! She can promote better sleep and relaxation...She can ease a racing mind.

Purple Dragon is renowned for its beauty and gentle nature toward their keeper. For centuries they have been sought to aid in spell work, for they are celebrated for their Magickal abilities. Used by both Magick and non Magickal people makes no difference to this race. If you are a new keeper she can guide you in magickal and spiritual growth. If you are a advanced keeper she can work beside you, for you and always will meet your needs. 

They are also gifted Empaths and take great delight in sharing many hidden secrets and wisdom. They can help you advance your spirit communication abilities and even bonding abilities.

This Purple dragon is of great strength, honor and will obey you with complete devotion. A Purple dragon can change the course of your life for the better. Around every corner something new and wonderful will await you. Barriers and people who have held you back from happiness will be banished from your life. 

She can communicate best by telepathy, emotions, during meditation, visions, a pendulum, and telepathy.

Her current vessel is a dark colored ring with a faux dark blue stone that is surrounded blue white sparkling stones. It's just under a size 9 and in new condition. 

Please email me if you have any questions.

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