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Pre-Sale - Spaces Are LIMITED! Samhain Conjuring For Level 7 Spirit Or Entity



For your consideration is a once a year offering...Our Halloween full coven conjuring of any level 1 though 7 entity or spirit

Space is limited and we tend to run out of time quickly so don't wait! This is a pre-sale, we will not ship until after Oct. 3st 2018

Halloween or Samhain is the most magickal time to cast. It's the one of year that the spirit realm and our realm come together. Amazing and powerful energy is all around and is used with magick for the best fastest results. Up for your consideration is a very rare offering from my coven and I.

What we offer today is a custom conjuring of any (none royal) white, gray or dark art spirit or entity of your choice. 

This listing is not for any royal, hybrids are entities with a title. This conjuring also excluded Daemons

Examples of entities and spirits we can conjure with this listing are...Angels, creatures, Djinn, dragons, elves, sex entities, vampires, weres, fae, and water entities. If you have a question if your desired entity can be done through this conjuring please email us.

This offering is perfect for anyone who feels something is missing from their spirit family...We also find custom conjures are excellent for those who found their ideal match but he or she sold out before they had a chance to checkout. Most of the time keepers are far happier with their custom conjured spirit or entity.


You can choose the type, level or gender or you can leave it up to fate. Either way I assure you a match will be made and a powerful spirit/entity will be at your side ready to serve you for life.

This conjuring is not for royals, imperials or god level but can be for high ranking level 7s of your choice.


My coven and I have been conjuring spirits together since we were teenagers. We have a very high success rate with bringing keepers and spirits together. If you have taken in entities/spirits in the past and have been disappointed time and time again you have just found the offering that will not disappoint. We will find you the perfect match in a gray to dark art spirit or entity. Your spirit or entity will work to to please you and bring you happiness. We only conjure spirits and entities who are vivid, loyal and hardworking. We also take great care to ensure you get a safe spirit or entity. In-depth readings are done on all entities and spirits we conjure.


After this transaction is complete please email me with things you want your spirit or entity to possess. We also will need some personal info from you like name and birth date...This is vital for making a true match. You can choose strong points, special abilities, age and gender. We will use a pendant or stone for a vessel. You will also have the option to bind your spirit or entity to you. This is easily done and I will be happy to assist you. After your spirit or entity has successfully been conjured I will send you all the info on things learned about him or her. If you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime.

Thank you For looking!