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Pre-Cast Dark Magic Revenge Spell - Lily Rashawn's Curse Their Love Full Moon Casting!


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Today we offer the exclusive casting of a dark magick revenge spell.

This is cast by our own coven sister and master dark marts spell caster Lily Rashawn. Her success rate is the ultimate, all witches desire to cast so successfully. These offering is Lily full moon casting for more powerful and faster manifesting magick! 

Have been hurt by a lover or friend? Been Betrayed, left behind, ignored or just treated unfairly? If so this pre-cast spell will even things up.

Wearing with amulet can curse people who have wronged you...Even if you do not know who they are. The magick will know who they are and it will punish them. Within 6 months or less of this casting their life my be completely chaotic with little or no happiness. You can even make suggestions as to what happens to them.

What happens to them will be up to fate but feel free to give suggestions as to what you would like to happen.

This dark magic spell is cast in a karma free nature...Meaning no hard will come to you for getting your justice. The amulet is a raw quartz stone with a silver colored cap. This is natural quartz so imperfections are natural. The amulet you get may vary slightly from the one in the photo.

If you have any questions please email me at

If you have someone in mind you must program this amulet. We are unable to customize this spell.

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