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Powerful Debt Relief Spell! New 3X Casting - Brand New Casting!

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Today my coven and I offer a full coven 3X casting debt relief spell. 

For the first time ever we are offering this in a full moon, full coven casting

This amulet alive with energy are ready to change your life in the best of ways :) 

This type of casting can be lengthy and costly, however charging an outrageous amount for this spell would be counterproductive in helping you get out of debt...We are offering this spell at a remarkable low cost. We are limited to only 5 per month. 

We cast this spell under the perfect moon to ensure maximum magick. The wearer of this bead will not become a millionaire but in time will see that help has came to relieve debt. Money will flow in which will allow you to pay off debts quicker...This spell has even blessed the wearer with lower interest rates on mortgages and credit cards! 

We cast this spell on a  lightweight pendant with a small tree in the center.. I will include the recharging chain pictured.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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