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Powerful Boosting - Spirit, Entity and Spell Boosting Box - Makes Them 3X More Powerful! CLEARENCE

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Up for your consideration is a very useful spiritual tool that I believe we all can enjoy!

Please note these are stock photos...The color and pattern will vary.

These are newly created by my coven and I. They are perfect for creating stronger more vivid spirits and entities....You and your spirit family will love these level boosting boxes! This one box can help your spirits and entities become very powerful which means quicker manifesting of your wants, desires and wishes.

These are now offered at a newer and lower price!

This my favorite style...It's such a beautiful box that I take a lot of joy in making them magickal!

Do you have a beloved entity who does all for you and want to give him/her the best offering ever? Do you love your entities but maybe wish their powers were a little stronger? Offered here today is the just the item you have been looking.

This beautiful box is a level booster...Just 8 hours in this box can make your level 6 become a level 7...Make your level 3 jump to a level 6. This advanced their abilities by 3 levels...This can also work for spelled items as well. With reboostings every 4-6 weeks, your spirits can always be at max level!

When not in used as a boosting box it also works as a fast recharging box for both spirits and spelled items. The energy within is an much loved offering that all entities thrive off of. Spending time within this box is the best offering we could give them.

Your spirits and spells will be stronger then normal with a high spiritual energy. Magick will become more powerful and manifest faster then ever...If you have this box you will have the happiest spirit ever..

This was created for all types and levels of spirits. it will work for white, gray and even dark entities.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

These are stunning and well made silk boxes boxes. Each box is about 4"x4" and in wonderful condition.

Thank you for looking!

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