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Portal To Uriel- The Angel of Wisdom, Guidance, Problem Solving, and More!

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Offered here is a very special offering! While summoning and binding elite/famous entities to one person can't be done...Opening portals to them can be done! 

This is a newly opened portal to the Archangel Uriell! He is the angel of wisdom...He is a excellent choice for making decisions, learning new information, solving problems and resolving conflicts. People also turn to him for help letting go of destructive feelings such as anxiety and anger,

This types of portals are perfect for keepers who seek the help of powerful spirits and entities but do not have the time to bond. There is no bonding, or daily meditation required. You only need open the portal when needed or even allow it to stay open to have the assistant of the archangel. No need to interact, leave offerings or do lengthy rituals.

This is a direct link the Archangel Uriel...This is a direct link to him and all his guidance.

This also keeps a portal open to all guiding angels. Leave it open to have angels come and go at all times or as needed. These angels rarely interact, they come through as needed, fix issues, and bless. They often fix issues before you even know about it.


With a direct link you can have him with you in a moments notice... While the angels will normally not interact they can if you wish them to. You can even build a companionship with them...They will bless you each and every day.

If you have any questions please email me at.

We opened the portal on a stunning ring with a black stone that has a wire wrapped tree encasing it. The ring can be adjusted slightly. You may wear it, carry it, or keep it in your home. 

Please note this is not a binding or attachment portal...Please do not attempt to bind, sell, or rehome any archangel from this portal. They are for your personal and blood ties protection only,

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