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Portal To The Egyptian Goddess Nut - Excellent Problem Solver!


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Hello! Thank you for viewing are smallest etsy store! Here we offer overstocked and other items that have yet to find a home on our main site.

I am so excited to offer this amazing link to the Egyptian Goddess known as Nut. She is the Goddess of the moon, the sun and of heavens.

Check our site...We offer portals to all Gods and Goddesses! We can create custom portals too!

We have decided a portal to this amazing goddess would be ideal for any person...She is the Goddess who can make dreams come true and possessing this will allow you to directly communicate with her. Tell her your dreams, your needs and desires. Share all with her and ask for her help and guidance. She is a generous Goddess who gives. She believes that life should be blessed rather then a struggle so let her bless you. 

She makes things happen and she will make them happen for you.

Being a Goddess of great ability one would think she would be stand offish but not her, never. She has a kindness and warmth. She is welcoming and will embrace you with happiness. These traits make her one of my favorite Goddesses!

Now it's your time to meet her and it's your time to have your dreams come true.

The simple instructions on how to open the link will be sent to you.

If you have any questions please email me.

The portal was opened on lovely yellow pendant. Please note pendant may vary slightly.

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