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Portal To King Solomon - Opened By Sister Tabitha!


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I am so excited to offer this portal to King Solomon...Sister Tabitha is a direct relation to King Solomon, with his blessing she opened just a few portals with direct links to him.

Check our site...We offer portals to all Gods and Goddesses! 

King Solomon will share his wisdom and can even help bring desires to life. Tell him your dreams, your needs and desires. Ask him for his guidance in life. He can show you the way to true happiness. He can also send you a little magick and positive energy to ensure you are truly happy. This portal radiates power and magick...It's magickal nature attract good luck, good people, and positivity. 

Being a God of great ability one would think he would not take the time to care....King Solomon has a kindness and warmth. He is welcoming and will embrace you with happiness.

This portal will only open to one person...For best results we should align it to you. 

The simple instructions on how to open the link will be sent to you.

If you have any questions please email me.

The portal was opened on stunning golden tone adjustable ring with a small stone...The stone may vary slightly. 

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