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Portal to any Gede Loa ~ Direct Link to the Masters of Death

Please list which Gede Loa you would like a portal to


Today, with the aid of Queen Sabine and Clerie we are pleased to offer you a custom portal to the Loa of your choice. This particular offering is for members of the Gede Loa. We have portals to other Loa.  


The Gede Loa are one of the most important of the Loa families. The govern all that have to do with death

This family is known for having fantastic healing powers

Although they oversee all matters that have to do with death they are loved by devotees for their fun-long nature. At festivals held for the Gede there is much music and dancing, they are notorious for their use of foul language and sexual tirades. They are very sexual and dances used to honor them display very sexual gestures. This is one of the few Loa families that will appear at a festival that was not held to honor them, but they are always welcome as they are the life of the party!

Having a direct link to one of these Loa can bring about many benefits… Healing, communication with the dead, heightened libido, seduction, confidence, fun, embarrassment of enemies and so much more await with the guidance of a member of the Gede. 

Here are a few members of the Gede family. Sabine can open a portal to any one of these or to another member of the Gede family: 

Name:                                  Symbols:

Gede                          Black Cross, skull, shovel

Baron Samedi             Cross, coffin, phallus

Baron Cimetie               Bones, cemetery

Baron Crois                          Cross

Maman Brijit              Cemetery, elm, weeping willow.

Your portal will be placed on a natural stone. Please note that we are not offering these as direct bindings since we are having Queen Sabine who lives far away aiding us. Protection Status