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Portal To All 7 Archangels! Ready To Ship - Gabriel Remiel Saraqael and More! - Stunning Golden Tone Ring

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Today we are excited to offer one amulet that serves as portal to all 7 Archangels...This is a direct link to all the Archangels on one amulet.

These are ready to ship! 

The Portal's are...

Michael- The Defender

Raphael- The Healer

Gabriel- The Heavenly Messenger

Uriel- The Angel of Wisdom

Raguel- The Bringer of Harmony & Justice

Saraqael- The Governing Angel

Remiel- Angel of Hope & Guidance  

Please note that you may know each of these angels by different names. If you have any confusion I am happy to answer any questions.


The portal will be open to hundreds of angels that work under the angel your portal is linked to. You will be able to receive their blessings quickly and easily.


This is a rare opportunity to fill your home with angelic love!


Please let me know if you have any questions.

The opened the portal a stunning golden tone with a wire encased stone.  The ring is adjustable. The is a stock photo and may vary slightly. 

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