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Portal All Rada Loa ~ Direct Link to the Most Beloved Loa - Possess A Direct Line To 8 Loa!

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We are offering customs spaces popular demand! This a specials amulet with portals to all the Rada Loa...Normally these are sold separately! If you seek a direct link to the most powerful of all the Loa you have found your amulet!

This is a stock photo...The stone may vary slightly.

Now we offering a direct alignment...Please your name and birthdate if you wish for us to align your energy to the portals...This will allow an easier connection to each Loa and their many blessings.

The Rada Loa are said to originate in Africa. They are gentle nanchon who play a passive role in the lives of their followers. They are one of the most beloved Loa and they provide stability for their followers. They are the more peaceful nanchon of Loa. 

Each of the Rada Loa offer unique blessings to their followers. Please read the below descriptions of the all Rada Loa you will soon be working with! 


Popular Loa Commonly Associated with the Rada:



Papa Legba

The most powerful of all Loa, guards the gateway between our world and the spirit world. Often associated with destiny.

Realm: Gateway between spiritual world and our world.

Appearance: He appears as an old man with a cane, he often has a sack thrown over his shoulder.

Colors: Red and White



Loko (also spelled Loco)

 He is the ancestral spirit of the first priest. He is the patron of all plant life and main power is healing.

Realm: Healing

Colors: White and red.

Notes: He is known for good judgment.




Ayzian is the wife of Loko. She is the spirit of the first priestess. She is a guardian of all priestesses, Vodou initiates, religious traditions, market places, and has healing powers.

Realm: Religious affairs and market.

Notes: She will often call upon Vodou devotees who are destined to become priestesses.




Damballa is known as the creator spirit. He is the first and the most powerful of all the loa. He oversees everything having to do with wisdom and ancestral knowledge.

Realm: Wisdom and knowledge

Color: White

Notes: One of the most powerful of the loa. He has several other names.




Aydia-Wedi is the wife of Damballa. She and her husband provide a stable future and when they are served they will help devotees achieve happiness, wealth, and success.

Realm: Fertility and Success

Color: Pure white and green.

Notes: She is said to be a part of every rainbow.



Erzulie Freda

If you require assistance with your love life then Erzulie is who can aid you. She is the Loa of all things having to do with love, beauty, and sex. She is vain due to her unmatchable beauty and has several lovers.

Realm: Love

Notes: She also works with matters concerning jealously and anger.



La Sirene

La Sirene is a beautiful Loa who governs wealth and success. She is said to live in a beautiful palace under the sea.

Realm: Wealth

Notes: She should be invoked when you require help with money matters.




Agwe is a sea spirit. He governs everything that has to do with water. He is the husband of La Sirene.

Color: White and blue.



Please note that many of these Loa are known by different names. Also, the majority of the Rada loa have a Petro counter part. There are many more members of the Rada Loa but these are just a few of the more powerful ones.



Whenever you need help with a certain aspect of your life invoke the Loa that governs that aspect. Honor him/her and leave offerings and he/she will aid you. The portal is a direct link to the all the Loa listed above. .


The portal  is currently opened on a adjustable golden tone ring with a stone...The stone will vary.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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