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Phoenix Rising - Brings A New Life To His Keeper - Coven's Collection


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I have a new phoenix to offer you! He is one of the brightest and most caring I have had the pleasure to work with! I am proud to offer him to you today!

He is from my personal collection and he will help you rise above everything!

In true form you will see a large bird that is a mix of reds, gold and blues. He has wise dark eyes and manifest as sparkling yellow lights. He is very easy to feel and his positive energy is contagious.

He can help anyone overcome the past. Pain of past events will heal and a bright future will rise up to meet you.

He brings balance and peace. He also promotes relaxation while easing stress. He can help his keeper sleep better, feel better and have more energy throughout the day. His new keeper will thrive!

He offers minor healing of aches and pains. Mend broken hearts and even heal some emotional pain. He is for anyone who has a hard time letting go of their past. If pain and bad memories keep you from enjoying the future then your freedom is right here calling to you. He will help you rise above the old so you can embrace the new!

About the phoenix....

They bring happiness to the home they reside in. They can calm nerves and ease worries. Each day can feel anew and life will only be brighter and happier. Phoenix's are Magickal Fire Birds who can live to be over 500 years old. They are in a way immortal due to the fact that when they die a new one is reborn from the ashes.

Phoenix are great healers and posses regenerating powers...They work to renew life, rebuild life and restore a positive balance to the home they reside in. They are loyal companions and bond quickly with a keeper. They also work against dark forces and are excellent protectors. Every magickal gift these possess is yours for they will see your needs are met.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

He communicates by emotions, during meditation, telepathy, visions, a pendulum and lucid dreaming.

His current vessel is a nicely made stone pendant that is about 2" in size.

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