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Phoenix Babies ~ Lovable Entities With Healing Magick



Today I am pleased to offer you your choice of a male or female baby Phoenix. These are magickal entities with so much love and magick to give.


Each baby is unique and promising in their abilities. Their ages range from a year to ten years old. Since phoenixes live 500+ years, they are young and eager to meet their destined keepers.


You will receive your new phoenix’s name, gender, communication abilities and ways that they manifest.


Depending on the baby you choose, he or she will come to you bound in a quality glass bead or a stone.


Phoenix's are Magickal Fire Birds who can live to be over 500 years old. They are in a way immortal due to the fact that when they die a new one is reborn from the ashes.


The can offer minor healing of aches and pains. Mend broken hearts and even heal some emotional problems.


They bring happiness to the home they reside in. They can calm nerves and ease worries. Each day can feel anew and life will only be brighter and happier.


Phoenix are great healers and possess regenerating powers...They work to renew life, rebuild life and restore a positive balance to the home they reside in.


They are loyal companions and bond quickly with a keeper. They also work against dark forces and are excellent protectors.


Every magickal gift this great creature possess is yours and she will see your needs are met.


Thank you for looking and please let me know if you have any questions. Protection Status