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Petro Loa Portal - Access to a Powerful VooDoo God

Please list which Petro Loa you would like a portal to


Offered today is a custom portal to a member of the Petro Loa nanchon.



Whereas the Rada Loa are peaceful, their counterparts are considered dark and even violent. The Petro Loa are not evil but they govern darker matters, such as war.


 When the Slaves wished to free themselves they found that the Rada Loa were not powerful enough, so they invoked the Petro. They can help ward off black magic and help a follower achieve vengeance.  Usually, the Petro could only be called upon for a high price and by a powerful practitioner. However, this portal offers you a safe way to create a link to a member of this family.



They provide a balance to the spirit world as the darker aspect of things.



These Loa are the darker aspects of the Rada Loa.  


You have read about the Rada Loa in the Rada section, stated in there was the fact that most Rada Loa have a Petro aspect, here is a list of these:


Rada Name:       Petro Name:


Papa Legba          Kalfou


Ezili Freda          Ezili Danto


Agwe           Agew la Flambeau


Lasiren            Labalenn



Your new portal will be on a natural stone. Protection Status