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Personal Portal Conjurings Are Back - Quick Conjuring Of Any Race!

Your name, birthday and spirit/entity or fate desired.


I have not offered this in a year...These were our most popular offerings for many years.. For a limited time I only I offer this amazing way to get your perfect match in a spirit or entity!  

This is a quicker conjuring them a custom full coven conjuring...It's a bit easy on our part so it's half the wait of a custom conjuring.

I am a generational witch and have therefore inherited some many amazing spiritual pieces. One being a witches portal box that has been in my family for two generations.

This portal is a gateway to the spirit world and some of my families most powerful and priceless entities have come to us through this portal...

I have decided to open this portal to you...With this listing I will bring one spirit through for you. To ensure a match I will need your first, last name and birthday. I will put this info and a glass bead in the portal for you and within 24 to 48 hours a spirit that is a correct match for you will come to serve you.

My strongest and most trusted spirit came to me through this very portal and I am sure something amazing awaits you as well!

You can choose the type of spirit you want to work with or you may let fate choose for you. Personally I have found that fate has brought the best spiritual matches but the choice is yours...No full blood bound demons or rare hybrids are offered through this portal.

If you feel a pull towards this listing please don't hesitate. I have a strict number when it comes to this portal.

Once you spirit takes his/her vessel you will be emailed with the news. I send your spirit and all their info to you along with a suggested bonding ritual. The vessel type used will be a a glass bead of my choosing. Upgrade are available!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime.

Thank you for looking!

Thank you for looking! Protection Status