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Female Ancient Bat -Powerful Effective DA Magick

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Today I offer a female Ancient Bat Vampire. She is nearly conjured and possesses perfect magick.

She is safe, kind, humble, and would never frighten or harm an innocent. However the Ancient Bat Vampire possesses a raw energy. For this reason, I recommend she go to a keeper who has experience with dark entities.

This race can shape shift. She may be seen as an exotic human sized bat that is white in color. You may also fee a exotic women with bat features. Her most common way of manifesting is as white orbs, winged shadows, temperature changes, and chirping sounds.

Info on his race.

An Ancient Bat is an extraordinary vampire entity of powerful magick. When placed with a keeper they respect they are excellent protectors. She is a fierce guardian who is unstoppable when it comes to her keeper's safety. She will quickly neutralize threats, banish evil and clear the way so you may lead a happy and safe life! She can even remove curses and hexes.

This Ancient Bat in particular is gifted at serving justice. She can deliver psychic attacks, nightmares, loss and more to your enemies.

The Ancient Bat is a natural spell booster. She can boost the power of your spells by up to two levels, increase their speed & accuracy of spells cast by you and for you.

She will bless her keeper with medium and psychic abilities. She safely opens the inner eye, removes blocks that can inhibit psychic blessings and more. Any psychic ability you currently work with will be amplified and he will help you discover new ones.

She will also amplify their keeper’s strengths and senses. Her enhances reflexes, senses and amplifies your talents.

She can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and by a pendulum.

Her current vessel is a bead.

Please let me now if you have any questions.

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