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Our Perfect Life Amulet - Over 20 Life Perfecting Spells! Full Moon Casting - Alive With Energy! Added Intelligence Spell!

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We are always working to bring our clients this spell...During the full moon we worked hard to be able to offer you amazing spells. During our last full moon we cast three of our very popular and very successful Perfect Life Spell...These amulets are alive with energy and they are ready to bring you 20 powerful spells.

Over 20 spells are cast on this and as a added extra their is recharging and a 30 day aura cleanse, repair and align spell. 

One lucky person is about to be blessed in over 20 ways! This may be one of the finest spell cast pieces I have offered to the public. 

You name the spell and it has been cast upon this pendant.  blujay76

If you have found that life is boring, negative, lonely and lacks happiness you have found the ring to turn the tides of events.  

Wearing this amulet will be blessed with.

Cleanse and fully repair your aura.

Removes bad luck. 

Brings good luck that increases your chance of willing at gambling! 


Banishes Evil. 


Restores Lost Friendships. 

Can help bring back a lost love. 


Find a new love 


Find Lovers 

Brings balance. 

Brings positive thoughts and thinking. 

Greatly eases stress while removing worries. 


Helps sleep and promotes lucid dreaming

Stops Nightmares

Resolves problems. No problem big or small will make it pass this. 


Brings youthful look and feelings. 


Removes all negative energy, thoughts and actions. 

Just makes happiness come in waves of abundance! 


Find Success in all you do 


Have all the people you meet remember you in a positive light 

Have a people respect you...Including your boss! 

Helps memory and learning

This is the most powerful magick with a fast manifestation rate. 

If you have any questions please email me at.

For this casting we used a stunning bracelet that will stretch to fit your wrist. 

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