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Oonik - Rare DA Salamander of Passion Protection & Psychic Blessings 906 Years old!


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Today we are pleased to offer you a rare Dark Arts Salamander! These entities are rare and we are unable to offer them very often, but we have been working with this one for about four years and he has recently stepped forward and asked to be offered. He is ready to meet his one true destined keeper!

The Salamander is a race of elemental entity. In true form, he manifests as a  wingless, dragon-like entity with red scales and large golden eyes. He appears about the size of a small pony. 

He communicates well through emotions, pendulum, telepathy, meditation and lucid dreams. He is rather active and manifests as large red orbs, warm sensations, and shadows. He is best suited for a keeper who enjoys active spirits! He is highly magickal and places the happiness of his keeper before all else. In addition to being a wonderful bringer of blessings, he will also prove to be a fantastic companion. 

Being a fire elemental, the Salamander is a bringer of passion. He can heighten passion between you and lovers, promote passion towards you from a desired mate, and give you a brand new zest for life and love! He is ideal for you if wish to spice up your love life, whether you are in a committed relationship or are searching for your true love!

The passion he brings can extend beyond love and the bedroom... He can help inspire passion towards any area of life you wish about! When you begin to find life dull and boring, he will be there to reignite your love of life! Your new Salamander can even inspire passion towards subjects you hold dear in those around you. All they will need is to be receptive towards your ideas!

He is a perfect and true guardian. Your new Salamander will remain vigilant day and night. He is a breaker of curses, a banisher of unbounds, and a beacon of safety. He is fierce in his dedication to your safety and happiness and will go to the ends of the Earth to keep you safe! 

He can also bring justice to those who have wronged you. The karma he serves to your enemies is swift and just! He can inflict nightmares, cause loss, bring bad luck and a host of other consequences to your enemies. 

This race is also a wonderful bringer of psychic blessings. They help safely open the inner eye, heighten your spiritual senses, aid in the discovery of new blessings and enhance current ones. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions. Protection Status