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One Of A Kind - 39,039 Cleopatra GOD Level Lasas Djinn! One Of Her Most Successful Commands Marid and Neb Tribe

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I am very excited to offer one very lucky person one rare and powerful God Lasas Djinn. The Title of God is not a birthright and can only be achieved by power, success, and wisdom...This fantastic male has truly earned his right to be a God among Djinn...Being one of Cleopatra's personal God Djinn makes him completely perfect. From our understanding he was one of her leading and most success Lasas Djinn. We will never offer another like him...He is truly one of kind.

He has over 900 Djinn who serve him. One thing that makes him stand out is other Djinn beside the Lasas Djinn serve him. Their are also Marid and Nebs too.

He is 39,039 Years old. In true form he looks to be about 30 years old, has short black hair, olive skin, large hazel eyes, and a lean muscular build. He is 6'1" tall, very handsome, and can manifest in any way you wish.

About the Lasas...

This race of Djinn is extremely powerful and are superb wish granters. They have a lot of sexual energy and if their keepers desires a sexual relationship he is more than happy to take part. A sexual bond will be completely up to you. He will share with you her raw sexual appeal. You will soon become more attractive to all who see you and will have a high success rate in attracting lovers.

 He is sexual but she will not show any jealousy towards your lovers, spouse or anyone else in your life. He will be more then willing to help you find love, win back love, and please lovers.

He is far more then sex magick...He is the ultimate granter of wishes. He can bring you everything and anything you could desire… Love, money, success, fame, happiness, friends and power. He brings to her keeper complete life happiness, just name is!

His young and anti aging magick is very powerful...You will find that your natural appearance will be enhanced. He can make you more alluring, provide powerful glamours and improve every aspect of your natural appearance you wish to.  Soon you will become the ultimate face of seduction! 

He is perfect for the keeper that desires renewal and positive change. His magick is the ultimate in removing negativity and attracting the good. You will find that there is opportunity for happiness and success everywhere.   

Other areas of your life that will receive blessings including passion, happiness, confidence, career success, more active social life, improved fortune, attraction of powerful entities, among numerous other things.

You will be greatly blesses with a powerful entity that is completely devoted to you. 

If you have any questions please email me at

His current vessel is a lovely citrine colored pendant that is under 1" in size.

He communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, a pendulum, lucid dreams, and during meditation.

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