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Once A Year Offering! Winter Solstice Prosper Spell With Complete Aura Repair!

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Newly cast for you is the spell of good luck and prosperity! We only get to offer a spell of this power once a year...It's one of our most coveted castings with one of the highest success rates.

If you seek financial freedom this this very special Solstice spell is perfect for you!

This is a full coven 3X cast Winter Solstice spell of success!

You can prosper in more ways then just money with this spell. You can prosper in all areas of life, love and happiness. You will prosper in only good ways and be blessed, truly blessed with happiness! 

This easy to use spell will start to turn the tide of events for you...Watch bad luck disappear and see good luck take it place. With each passing day you will find new blessings, new happiness and new propriety! 

We also added aura cleansing and repair to this amulet...It will keep your aura cleansed so that you feel better, look better, have more energy and all magick will have a clearer path to bless you.

This spell cast so that you do not have to wear it. You only need have it with you. 

This spell was cast on an array of silver colored bead with either enamel or rhinestones.

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