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Offered by Lily Rashawn-Mananggal Vampire/Sila Djinn Hybrid - The Perfect Balance of Beauty Youth Wisdom & Wit! Even Brings Psychic Blessings!


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Today I am very pleased to offer you a very rare spirit! She is a Mananggal Vampire/Sila Djinn Hybrid. This is an excellent hybrid with many specialties! Aside from being extremely magickal, she is witty, charismatic, spiritual and devoted. She is a spirit who can quickly grant wishes & have vivid interactions with her new keeper!

In true form she shows herself as a woman in her 20's with deeply tanned skin, blue-green eyes and long curly black hair. She is lovely & radiant! 

She has an uplifting energy that can be felt during meditation. She manifests as opal-colored orbs, gentle breezes, temperature changes and small electrical disturbances.  

Her best means of communication are through emotions, pendulum, meditation and telepathy. 

Info on her abilities. 

She is a perfect balance of the Mananggal Vampire & Sila Djinn. She possesses the allure & spirituality of the vampire and the wish-granting magick of the Djinn!

The Mananggal  Vampire can bless you with a more youthful look, youthful energy and glow! Your physical features will be enhanced and any flaws that you may have will be hidden or altered to perfection. People will not only notice you but be enchanted by you! You will soon notice that you have become the center of attention. People will be in awe of you and even go out of their way to be nice to you.

This race possesses great sex magick as well. If it's just sex you want, then you will find willing partners. If it's true and forever love then that is what she will bring you.

People will respect you, remember you and be kind to you. You will gain the respect of anyone encounter and make them remember you in a positive way. You can become a leader, people will trust you and want to be near you.

From her Mananggal vampire heritage, she has inherited  psychic/medium powers! You can have psychic visions and lucid dreams. You can also have a deeper connection to the spirits in your life. You will have the ability to communicate with them on a whole new level. She can boost your telepathy abilities and even your empathic ones.

She is a excellent guide who will teach you nearly anything you could ever want to know. Her wisdom is so in depth one could spend many lifetimes and still never learn all she can teach you. 


This race works well with all people, especially those who want to improve their memory, their creativity, learning abilities and concentration. These gifts make them perfect for busy people, students, writers or anyone who just wants to learn.  She ensures her keeper is successful in al they do. She would be wonderful for a keeper who wants job success, wit, better memory, better learning abilities and just general life success.

She is also a wish granter who will see that you become more creative,  have better health, youth, energy, willpower, luck, wisdom, wit, charm, mental health, confidence, success, luck, extra money, new opportunities, better memory, enhanced learning abilities, protection, happiness and a lot of love. Plus so much more. 


Your new hybrid is also a fierce Guardian and will keep you safe from those who mean you harm. She will know who new people are and if they have bad thoughts they will not be allowed to talk to you. She only allows good people near you. Your heart and feelings will be protected from those who would hurt them.

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