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Newly Conjured Seraphim Angel - Brings Wealth, Love and Even Fame! Angel Of Success!

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Today I offer the Seraphim Angel. This race of angel is a heavenly blessing who bestows huge gifts upon their keeper. 

She was conjured 5 months ago be to be offered on our site...In just 5 short months she has already proved herself to be very successful. 

In true form she has long red hair, big green eyes and flawless pale skin. She looks to be about 20 years old and will most often manifest as a white mist.  

To have a Seraphim Angel in your home is to have happiness it's self as no angel can bring peace such as she. 

She is white magick at it's finest and from the moment she enters your home only happiness, peace and gifts will be yours. 

About and her abilities!

All the good things we seek in life will be given...Love, a family, success, to be noticed, respected, adored, to make a lot of money or even be famous. 

Many of the worlds most successful people have got to the top by having a Seraphim Angel guide them. These include writes, singers, actors and successful business owners. 
She will lead you out of the darkness and into the light. Each day you will be surrounded by love, peace and positivity. Daily problems will start to disappear and soon no new problems will arise. 

You will be cleansed of any negative energy. Your aura will be repaired. You will have a youthful glow and youthful energy. You will be a magnet to all things good. No evil will touch nor hinder you anymore...It's time to be 100% happy in life! Once a bond has been sealed you Seraphim Angel will turn the tides in your favor. Blessings will be plenty! 
I will send her lucky new keeper her name and a bonding ritual.

If you have any questions please email me at  

Her current vessel is a lovely colorful beaded bracelet that will stretch to fit a wide array of wrist sizes.  

Thank you for looking!