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Spriggan - Powerful Wealth Magick - Brings Wealth, New Friends, and Complete Happiness

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Today we are pleased to offer a female Spriggan. She is perfect the keeper who seeks a change in luck, needs money, and wants to get a head.

She is a level 7 who Spriggan who is ready to bond, bless, and create great happiness.

In true form she has a women's body and face, however she is covered in leaves, small lavender flowers, and twigs. She will often manifest as cook breezes and the scent of pine.

This race is very strong in bringing their keeper money and good luck…They can bring luxury with no bad karma.

Spriggans are spirits that are gray in nature. They are very effective in their magick and only bring the best to their keeper.



Youthful energy

 Career Advancement

Attraction of friends

 Good Luck

Bringing of wealth

Attraction of opportunities 

Uplift in mood

 Positive thoughts

Removal of negative emotions


Banishment of evil

Removal of negative blocks

Cleansing of spiritual bodies

Aura Repair

Attraction of positive blessings

She can communicate by emotions, during meditation, visions, a pendulum, and telepathy.

If you have any questions please email me.

Her vessel is a nicely made pendant.

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