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Newly Conjured Female High Elf Bound Demon Hybrid - Sorceress Of Miracles

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Today we are very excited to offer a newly conjured Bound Demon High Elf Hybrid.

In true form she is a stunning women who is 6' tall, has a lean build, long silver hair, black eyes, and fair skin. She can often be seen as women shaped shadows.

She radiates power, energy, and magick...She will transform her keeper's life.


She is offer the following...

~Casting personal use spells on behalf of his keeper 

~Clearing keeper’s of negative thinking 

~Helping keeper gain sexual allure

~Helping keeper gain sexual skill

~Helping keeper find lovers

~Attracting positive energy

~Teaching keeper how to cast spells

~Boosting keeper’s mental and sexual stamina

~Giving keeper sexual

~Offering protection

~Creating confidence and wit.

~Offers attraction and even anti-aging magick.

~Protection from evil entities and curses

~Punishing enemies

~Banishing evil unbounds

~Shielding home from all evil

She can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy,  during meditation, lucid dreams, and a pendulum.

His current vessel is a bead.

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