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Newly Conjured Female Salia - Beautiful Entity Creates Happiness and Start Life New!


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Today I offer a Salia. My coven and I just completed her conjuring two weeks ago...She is ready to meet and bless her new keeper.

We conjured her for someone who seeks spiritual interaction...Someone who needs to be uplifted and desires feelings of happiness. She make things start new for you.


A Salia is a beautiful creature that can stand over twelve feet tall. They are similar to dragons in their appearance with their elegant necks and dragon-like heads. In true form you will see a creature that is colored like an opal...She is white with pale hues of blue and pink. She has massive wings that are nearly transparent. She is most often seen as small shimmering silver to pale blue orbs and can be felt as uplifting mist.


Soon after bonding she remove all negative feelings you have. Feelings of sadness, regret, fear, hate and other hindering emotions will be cleansed away to allow you to have feelings of peace, happiness, contentment, and love.


She offers her keeper complete confidence. She aids her keeper in overcoming low self-esteem and insecurity. She helps your inner beauty shine on your outward appearance. People will see you how you wish to be seen. No more will you be held back by fear, uncertainty or self-doubt.


She aids her keeper in achieving success. She removes inhibitions, clears negative blocks, and attracts great success. She brings about money making opportunities, helps you keep a flow creative ideas and aids you in gaining the notice of powerful people around you.


Asides from these things she also offers cleansing of the aura, removal of negative energy and clearing of blocks in the chakra. Your mood will be uplifted; all depression, hate, sadness and regret will be replaced with happiness, peace and love.


She can communicate by dreams, emotions, during meditation, visions, soft touches, and a pendulum.

Her current vessel is a metal charm with white rhinestones...It's shaped like a small crown and can worn on a chain or a bracelet. I will include the chain that is pictured.

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