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Personal Collection! Male Wealth Marid Djinn Reaper Hybrid - Protection, Justice, Wealth, and Offers Incredible Wish Granting

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Today from our personal collection is a special hybrid that possesses massive amounts of power! 

He is a Wealth Marid Djinn Reaper Hybrid...My coven and I have been working with him for 19 years...He has never failed us and has always come through for us! He has asked to be offered so it's with great pride we do...I strongly feel he knows who his keeper is...If you are the one he is powerful enough to let you know it! 

In true form he manifest as a 6'5" tall man with long black hair, ivory skin, lean build, and black eyes. He looks to be in his mid 20s. He will most often manifest as glowing, mists, silver orbs and moving shadows. 

While is a dark art entity he is humble and on the easier side to work with...His experience also serves as guide for newer keepers. 

Being half Wealth Marid Djinn gives him the ability to grant wishes with extreme power. He has proven to be wonderful with personal gain wishes, luxury, luck, and sexual wishes.

He can also help you with achieving your ideal body and bless his keeper with youth.

He can make you beautiful on the inside and out. He will ensure people take notice of you too.

He an excellent protector who offers instant protection from evil and curses.

He can protect you from mind readers, mind control, semantic magick, and psychic attacks.

He can help you meet new and exciting people.

He can help you find your soul mate or find new lovers.

He can repeal all bad luck and draw in good luck.

He can bless you with massive success and luxury

He can attract positive attention, admirers, and even lovers.

He can give you confidence and a natural allure.

His abilities are protecting secrets, justice, and can banish any type or level of evil. He offers complete mind, body and soul protection. He can also protect his keeper’s family, spirit family, or any pets.

At your request he is able to deal punishing and swift justice. Anything from loss to psychic attacks. He will not harm an innocent person...He will have little mercy when it comes to his keeper's enemies. 

He can help you become more sensitive to the spirit world…Possesses good communication abilities, psychic visions, medium abilities and even help with lucid dreaming.

He can communicate by telepathy, emotions, during meditation, visions, dreams and even by a pendulum. 

His current vessel is a pre-loved pendant...While lovely it's not new and has a very small line on one side. 

Please email me if you have any questions.

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