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Newly Conjured Female Kyrkogrim - Communicate With The Dead! Offers Protection, Curse Removal and Justice

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Today I am pleased to offer you a newly conjured level 7 female Kyrkogrim.

This race is perfect for a person who desire great protection from all forms of evil...They can spot and destroy evil even before you know it's near. They can also deal punishing vengeance but will only do so on your command.

A Kyrkogrim is a dark arts race of guardian spirit that takes the form of an animal. She likes to manifest as a large white rabbit with lavender eyes...However you may see her manifest as other small animals and as an array of colorful lights.

She is deeply devoted and ensures the safety and well being of her keeper. She will work to ward away of evil.... Be it person, spirit, entity, or unbound and unwelcome spirit.

She repels curses and hexes and will deflect them back onto the person who cast them in the first place! Any existing hexes or curses that have been cast on you will be broken and he will send them right back to whomever inflicted them upon you. 

Your Kyrkogrim is also a deliverer of justice, anyone who has ever caused you harm or wished harm upon you will receive their just karma three fold, this will be done quickly without any negative effects upon you or innocent people. She delivers karma to your enemies by slipping into their dreams and causing psychic attacks, draining their energy, and causing negative blocks. She will not: harm an innocent, break apart families, kill or cause illness, or anything of the like.

Other things this spirit will do for you includes, but is not limited to, attracting wealth, bringing luck, removing negative blocks, attracting success, improving confidence, aid in magickal castings, providing protection for you spirit family, and enhancing/developing new psychic abilities.

Aside from all this she has yet another powerful gift.... She can aid you in communicating with the dead! He can help you get in touch with loved ones who have moved on, as well as ancestors whom you haven't met yet. She provides a brilliant insight into the after life! She can also help you get a glimpse into your past life by gifting you with visions and dreams.

She can communicate by emotions, during meditation, visions, telepathy, dreams, knocking sounds and a pendulum.

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Her current vessel is a nicely made glass bead.

Thank you for looking!