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Newly Conjured Female Hellcat - Makes Keeper Superhuman, Offers Mind Protection


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Offered today is a newly conjured Hellcat. She was conjured for a person who wishes to leave average human senses behind. She will transform her new keeper so that they can become superhuman!

While friendly and even affectionate she does not require extra attention or long rituals to bond. She will put 110% of her energy into meeting your needs.

In true form she is a striped silver cat with baby eyes and a white chest. She is a larger cat who can be felt as warm spots, seen as shadows and can be heard moving from room to room.

About the Hellcat.

They offer their keeper great protection against all forms and levels of evil...From binding evil people to destroying evil unbounds. She will start protecting you shortly after entering your life.

They can protect their keeper's mind from mind readers, mind control and energy drainers. She will make sure your private thoughts and deepest secrets stay secret.

She can work as an entity of justice and at your command deal vengeance to those who hurt you. She is even open to suggestions as to what their punishment should be. She will not act without your permission...If someone unknown to you needs bad karma she will be likely to show you who they are so you can decide their fate.

Other abilities she can bless her keeper with...

Communicate with the Dead.

Develop psychic abilities.

Better reflexes


Quicker Thinking

Have excellent telepathic abilities.

Lucid Dreaming

Allure and Attraction abilities.

Home and Family Protection

Sexual Allure


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She can communicate by dreams, visions, emotions, during meditation,sounds, temperature changes, and a pendulum.

Her vessel is a nicely made glass bead.

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