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Newly Conjured Female Bardha - Best Choice For Youth, Beauty and Weight Loss


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Newly conjured by popular demand is a level 7 Bardha. She was conjured 8 weeks ago just for our blujay shop.

My personal thoughts on her is she is an kind entity who is uplifting, devoted and highly skilled with her magick abilities. I feel she is one of the best Bardhas we have conjured. If you are reading her listing on eBay please know it's a counterfeit listing stolen from our site.

We conjured her to be a entity of youth, anti-aging, age-reversal, and beauty! She is perfect for any one who wants to regain their youth or keep it.

The Bardha manifests in a very unique way...Most often as a shapeless light that is white in color. Their light can be warm or cool and can vary in brightness. With her you may see fast moving lights, smell floral scents and feel amazing breezes of positivity.

This race is the first choice when it comes to reverse the signs of aging...Wrinkles and imperfections will less noticeable. Skin can become clear, bright and even firmer. She can also help muscle tone and help her keeper maintain their youthful figure. We made sure she would be skilled in helping her keeper get to and maintain a healthy weight.

The Bardha brings a wide array of positive blessings to their keepers. These include but are not limited to aid in developing psychic abilities, inner eye opening, protection from evil, performing powerful beauty magick, cleansing of the spiritual body, removing all negativity and as well as curses. .

She will help you with spirit communication, bonding and even lucid dreaming. She can safely open her keeper's inner eye.

If you have any questions please email me at

She communicates by emotions, during meditation, a pendulum, manifesting as lights, sounds, and lucid dreams.

Her current vessel is a nicely made opalite pendant that is about 2" in size.

If you have any questions please email me at

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