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Princess Alya - WA Creator Entity Who Is Ready Grant Wishes, Solve Problems, and Bless - One Of My Personal Favorites!

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Today I offer a my personal Princess Alya who is very excited to be offered. 

She commands over 400 Alya and each is a delightful entity who will interact with you if you wish.

She radiates posivity and happiness...Rarely have I felt such an amazing and uplifting Alya.

In her true form she is a lovely 20 year old women with long strawberry blonde hair, bright green eyes, porcelain skin, and petite build. She will manifest as the scent of roses or lavender and womanly shaped shadows.

This race is highly coveted for their ability to solve problems and granting wishes...This race will not grant destructive wishes like harming people. The Alya is a creator who desires to bring her keeper love, wealth, youth, and more.

She offers her keeper the following...

~Opening keeper's inner eye for in-depth communication with spirits and entities.

~Giving keeper empathic abilities and lucid dreams.

~Guiding keeper and helping keeper make the correct choices.

~Creating a home with a soothing peaceful energy

~Removes negative energy

~Banishes evil

~Brings positive opportunities of abundance

~Attracting and amplifying positive energy 

~Helping keeper have a active and fun social life.

~Gifting keeper with wit, charm, and confidence


~Stress Relief

She communicates best through emotions, pendulum, lucid dreams. telepathy, and meditation. 

Her vessel is a lovely ring that is a size that is around a size 6 1/2

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