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Newly Cast Passion Igniting Bead - Awaken Lust For Amazing Sex!



Today I offer by popular demand the spell cast sex and passion igniting bead.

This is a single cast custom casted by me. The option to boost it to a 3X cast has now been added.

This particular spell is perfect for anyone who desires the spark in their relationship to be awakened.

If you or your love have seem to lost interest in each other you found the spell that will turn the tide. Feelings of passion, love, sexiness and confidence can be renewed. A return of a satisfying love life can be in your near future.

This is powerful magick that has a great success right...It's also simple! It only requires that you wear it.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

I will send you one nicely made glass bead that will fit any euro bracelet. The color and style may vary from the one pictured.

Thank you for looking! Protection Status