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Newest Spelled Soap Blend - Money, Good Luck, Debt Relief! DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR COUPON.


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Our soaps do not qualify for any store coupon. PLEASE DO NOT USE A COUPON. They are currently being offered at cost.

International clients please email us before buying as shipping will be very high.

Today I offer a witch soap made that was created and spelled to bring good luck to the user! These are newer and upgraded from our last Rose soap. These are made by witches and spelled for enhanced abilities!

These are made with spearmint and eucalyptus...Then they are cast with one of our most powerful good luck and success spells.

If you seek good luck, debt relief, job success and extra money this soap can attract them all.

Luck is sure to be with you wherever you go. Your body and mind will relax so your inner eye abilities can blossom. This can also keep negative energy from sticking to you, relieve stress and stop worry. This soap has been made and enhanced to cleanse you thoroughly and what better way for a cleansing then a relaxing bath.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

The soap is about 3 oz and is made from goats milk with olive oil, vegetable fats and essential oils. It is mild enough for sensitive skin and possesses healing properties for problem skin.


Thank you for looking.