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Newest Spell Candle - Banishes Negative Energy/Evil - Offers Quick Protection


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Offered today is one of my favorite spelled candles. If have found yourself feeling hindered, held back be negative energy and or thoughts you have found a simple to rid your life and home of these common blocks.

International clients if you wish to buy more then one candle please email us for invoice. Shipping price given is for US clients only.

This candle is great to use when is a lot negativity or evil in your life. Things may are not going your way, bad luck seems to always be with you, your family and home life may be unpleasant and just a all around heavy feeling. You may even feel that someone is sending these negative energy your way. This spelled candle can help make it all go away so that peace, harmony and balance can be restored in all areas of life and love.

This candle was made with herbs that protect, remove, restore, purify, and cleanse! Each candle has been spelled to amplify results.

The spell cast on this candle will aid in power, increased energy, protection against psychic attack, aids in conquering fears, with give you both strength and courage.

These come in an array of colors. From Black, to Gray to a deep Maroon. and it's used for its properties of absorbing negative feelings/energy, binding negative forces, protection, breaking up life hindering blockages, repels black magick and negative thoughts.

Votive candles measure 2" x 2" and weight about 2 oz. All herbs used for the candle concept have an element of fire, to ensure a speedy result.

Please note the candles color may vary from the one in the photo Protection Status