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Newest Men's Empowerment, Confidence and Attraction Spell - New Full Coven Casting


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Up for your consideration is our most powerful confidence, empowerment, attraction, sex, success spell to date! This spell was cast for a man by myself, coven sisters and a warlock. Having a man aid in this casting was very important. He was able to add the deepest desires of a man. Desires us ladies may not know of. 

The stone type will vary. 

This is a full coven casting. We haven't casting together over 20 years. We pay close attention to details to ensure you have the results you hope for. Your happiness important to us.

All of our vessels start as just stones! Each one is cut, polished, either wire wrapped or drilled to place a custom bail. We use all types of lovely stones. Most of our bails are 18kgp or 925 silver. All of our bracelets are hand beaded! We put a lot of time and care into our craft!

This is on super sale. I used to offer this same spell in my eBay store for $75.00 Buy it today for only $39.99


This spell was cast for any man who feels he could use help in life. If you ever felt held down or controlled. If you feel you lack confidence or are being degraded, insulted or unappreciated this spelled pendant can turn the tide of events in your life. 


You will soon become a man who possess alluring energy that people are attracted to. People will start to notice you and great luck will be with you. 


Soon after possessing it you will be able to step up and claim your life as your own. Your confidence will soar. You will be empowered to be a strong powerful man who is in control. The new you can become more attractive and desirable. Love, happiness and success will naturally come to you. You will be noticed and respected by those who have held you back or ignored you. 



This can help in all areas of like so even if you just need a boost in life or a complete turn around this spell will help you be the best you can be and shine the brightest you can shine. 


It can also aid in sex magick! You can become a more confident lover and please any partner. You can attract new lovers. You will appear handsome and powerful to all who see you. 


This is a limited offer of only three so please do not hesitate. 


If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

We current have this spell cast on a simple yet nicely made stone pendant that is about 2" long. I will send the recharging cord/chain pictured.

The pendant this spell is cast on is made a stunning black agate and is about 3" in size.

Thank you for looking.