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Newest Incense Blend Positivity Amplifying Spell Cast Incense - 13 Power Packed Cones!


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Offered today as a is our newest blend of magickal incense...This is a a Positivity Amplifying blend

This is the complete home and family Positivity Amplifier. It's simple to use, simply place in your home, light the cone and watch all that is under your roof become positive, happy and more friendly...

To start I suggest burning one cone per room, or the rooms your family spends the most time in. Then use as needed.

Each and every day my coven receives requests from people for a spell that can help fill their holes in their life, so we have created this casting of a spell that promotes all positive blessings!

This incense blend works in variety of ways. The first thing it does it dispel any negative energy that blocks and prevents a positive flow. After burning these cones in your home you will find yourself happier, lighter, more upbeat and more positive! You will even notice a positive change in the atmosphere around you.

The positive blessing spell works to improve your current situation. This means that all positivity in your life will be amplified greatly! Little things that comfort you and make happy will become more prominent in your life. These things can be anything from more relaxation time, more time to pursue your interests, quality time with friends and family, to better spirit communication!

Not only does this blend remove the bad and enhance the good—it also works to attract new blessings into its user’s life! These blessings can include, but are not limited to:






Strengthened Bonds

Less Stress

Spiritual Blessings

And so much more!

You will receive 13 cones that have been spelled under the full moon. They have a fabulous scent and are clean burning.

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