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Newest Full Coven Casting - Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails For Men and Women



Offered today is a beauty spell that will work for either a women or a man..Although I feel women would like this spell and each of us can benefit from.

This is a custom single casting done by me for your hair, skin and even your fingernails. Once the magick manifest you will soon see thicker, fuller, healthier and much longer hair. This is a bluJay76 original spell

Skin tone will even out and become smooth. Some people have even been blessed by porcelain like skin from this spell!

You fingernails will grow long and strong. For men, your fingernails will grow as a result of this spell. Just cut them a little more often!

You will glow from the inside out!

This spell was cast on a glass bead that is lined in silver. A bead is used to keep this at a lower cost. The bead you will receive may vary slightly from the one pictured.

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