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Newest Casting - Weight Loss Spell - Lose Weight Keep The Curves!



Offered here today is a spelled bead that will promotes weight loss. 

These are our latest casting of one of our most popular spells! These are the strongest level of weight loss spell offered...They are 3X cast and are a full coven casting.

The bead color may vary.

We cast in harmony with nature to ensure fast yet safe results. This is a blujay magick original spell.

Being a coven of all women we know a women's desire to lose weight in only certain areas. We took careful considerations and precautions to see you only lose weight were needed. No need to worry about losing weight in the breast area and you will keep a nice sized behind as well!

You can start working on a healthier you today!

Added this spell is a energy booster! You will find those low energy days become less and less.

Magick and spell work is a life enhancer only. It aids us in being the best that we can be but magick can only do so much on it's own. That is why we highly suggest that this spell be a aid and that you have a diet and exercise plan. Meeting magick in the middle or even part of the way produces the best results. With even a slight change in diet and activity you can see wonderful fast changes!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

This spell has been cast upon a glass bead with a silver colored center. Each may vary in pattern. If you wish for a different color please email me to see what I have ready. You can wear this with other spells and even spirited beads.The bead looks lovely on a necklace or a bracelet. Please note the chain is not included in this listing but I will send a free recharging bag.

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