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Newest Casting - Unbound Capture and Destroy Sphere! Banishes Levels and Forms Evil Quickly! Original Banishment Sphere

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Today we offer the best of protection...These are our highly popular and very successful evil unbound destroying spheres...For many people these are the only unbound protection pieces they will ever need. We have been offering these since 2006, this is the original banishment sphere!

This spell will not harm or hinder any BA or DA entities you keep...It was created to effect entities with evil intent. 

As spirit keepers we can be sensitive and we can be open...This is both a blessing and a curse as sometimes evil unbounds notice us and try to attach themselves to us.

Evil unbounds are a major nuisance and can get in the way of bonding with your spirits. They are masters of lies, deceit and can have the cruelest of intentions. Some are so convincing with their lies they can cause great sadness or chaos in a persons life. They can even make us think our most helpful spirits and entities mean to hurt us. Evil unbounds have broken many deep bonds between loving bound entities...This simple and effective tool will protect you from that!

While not all unbound entities are evil, hurtful or even murderous many are. What is worse is that at first they may seem kind, helpful or childlike. They work hard to earn are trust all while breaking are bonds with helpful spirits and causing great chaos in our lives. By the time many of us notice it may be to late and the effects may be devastating. 

If you have been having bad luck, loss, feelings of unhappiness, sadness, lack of energy, low energy, headaches, body pains, nightmares, sleep problems or all around negative happenings you may have attracted an unbound. Having an unbound can also keep us from fully bonding with are new entities and communicating with our spirit family.

With many new and inexperienced conjurers popping up in all places unbounds are being allowed to roam into our lives at an astonishing rate. We have been getting so many emails from people who are being tortured by unbounds that my coven and I are counteracting this now! 

This sphere is a advanced capturing piece. The magick reaches out and takes in only evil/negative unbound entities. Once captured it destroys them and removes any remaining energy so you can just be free! To use is simple! Place it in your home and it will do the rest. All you need to do it cleanse it by sun every six months. This sphere will last you your entire life. You will receive one that is between 20mm to 40mm in size. I will try to send a stand but please note that the stand may vary from the one pictured. Please note these come in all colors!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me! 

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