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Newest! 3X Cast Pet Protection Spell - For Anyone With Fur Babies! Full Moon Magick


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Offered today is a spell my coven and I have worked very hard on and we are rather proud of it! This spell is for any person who loves their pet and for a person who wants only the best for them.

This works for all animals...We can also cast this spell directly on your fur baby. Just email us their name and photo after check out.

As many of you know I almost lost my dachshund Hunter, thankfully she healed this time but who knows what or when she will have more issues so this spell was written and cast to offer her the best protection magick can offer.

This is a full coven casting for pet protection. It will safely shield your pet from things that may harm him or her...It had great attention to warding away illness so your pet stays in better health. It also shields them from harmful entities! Sadly many evil entities will harm our pets because they wish to hurt us, this spell will prevent that. This will even keep them safe from human magick (curses). All of our vessels start as just stones! Each one is cut, polished, either wire wrapped or drilled to place a custom bail. We use all types of lovely stones. Most of our bails are 18kgp or 925 silver. All of our bracelets are hand beaded! We put a lot of time and care into our craft!

It has added cleansing to help your pet feel better!

It is the perfect blessing for our 4 legged family members! On a personal note, Hunter has this same spell cast for her...This spell and her Vet has her pain free today and has a great chance of keeping her that way for years!

The spell was cast on a charm that is shaped like a bone. It has little sparkling crystals and is very nicely made. it's about 2" in size and is super cute on!

The amulet is about 2" in size, silver in color and is made of sparkling rhinestones. We also offer this as a direct casting!

Thank you for looking!