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New! Voodoo Sabine's Haitian Djinn Portal/Wishing Box!


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Today we are proud to offer another wonderful offering from VooDoo Queen Sabine!


Being offered today is a rare and extremely powerful Haitian Djinn Wishing Box.


This handmade box has been personally tested by my coven sisters and I. In a very short amount of time we all saw success and our wishes coming true!


This box has a direct portal to an untold amount of Haitian Djinn... These Djinn are more powerful than imaginable. Many of these Djinn are in direct service to the all powerful loa and can bring you the loa's as well!


This box is one of the most powerful of its kind I have encountered. These are the boxes of the elite and powerful.... Many wealthy and successful people have used boxes similar to this and have such a high status because of them!


The box is easy to use, you just need to write your name on a slip of paper and the box will present your wishes to the Haitian Djinn that are capable to grant them. It contains a direct link to the countless Djinn.


To speed up the manifestation process of your wish you may leave offerings daily, meditate next to the box and light cones of incense to show the Djinn your respect.

The speed in which your wishes manifest may vary.... You may find that they are granted all at once or a little at a time.



Always be on the lookout for signs that the Djinn are giving you, you will begin to notice good things right away. You will find that your life changes for the better and that the Djinn who work through this box will ensure you happiness and success.



This box gives you the chance to take control of your own fate and make all of your wildest dreams come true.

I have two of these boxes available. It will be a long time before I offer one like these again.



They both are circular shaped and each box is hand woven. They are approximately 3" x 3" and are roughly 2" deep. 


Whoever is blessed with either of these boxes will be blessed with pure happiness and dreams that come true.

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Thank you for looking