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New! Spelled Sage Pine Tealight Candle - Quick and Affordable Negativity Removal!



Today we offer a spelled Tealight candle that will banish negative energy! We have recently starting offering our more popular candles in tealight form...This allows our international customers more affordable shipping and allows everything to enjoy a more affordable price...While this candle does not last as long as our standard votive they still pack a magickal punch!

International clients - Price given is for US clients only...I you add more then two candles to cart please email for invoice.


Offered today is one of my favorite spelled candles. If have found yourself feeling hindered, held back by negative energy and or thoughts you have found a simple way to rid your life and home of these common blocks. 


This candle is great to use when there is a lot negativity in your life. Things may not going your way, bad luck seems to always be with you, your family and home life may be unpleasant and just a all around heavy feeling. You may even feel that someone is sending this negative energy your way. This spelled candle can help make it all go away so that peace, harmony and balance can be restored in all areas of life and love. This spell is a blujay magick original. If you see this listed under another user name then the listing is fraud. 


This candle was spelled protect, remove, restore, purify, and cleanse! The spell will amplify and speed up results.


Sage is used for protection against all forms of evil spirits and energy. It's used purify you, your home and ritual tools from any hindering energy. It also promotes wisdom, attracts money, aids in healing the body, mind and soul.


Your candle is a soft green in color with a wonderful sage and hint of pine smell.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime.



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