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NEW! Spell of the Goddess Gaia For Complete Perfection in All Areas of Life

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Blujay’s Haunted Magick is pleased to offer you the newest in our line of exclusive God or Goddess Spell. Offered to you today Spell of Gaia!


Gaia (also spelled Gaea) is an Earthen Goddess. She rules the lands, oceans and animals. Today we are pleased to bring you a 3x cast spell that embodies all of her great qualities!


This spell will come cast on a lovely stone unless otherwise requested.


Here is a short of the many blessings this spell will bring to you…


Stronger connection to the Earth


Emotional, spiritual and minor physical healing


Heightened spirituality


Attraction of spirits from the Earthen realm




Renewal & dispelling of negative forces


Heightened sexuality


Attraction of lovers & igniting passion


Age reversal


Protection against evil



Furthermore, Gaia is among the oldest of known deities and holds a strong connection to nearly every deity in existence. This spell allows the wearer to forge a closer connection to their Gods or Goddesses.


This is a truly unique spell that will bless you in so many ways…. Please feel free to email with any questions! Protection Status